Find The Right Plumber Before You Have A Plumbing Emergency

You probably have lined up a mechanic you trust and a doctor you call when you are facing an emergency and need help. But what if you have an emergency plumbing problem that strikes in the wee hours of the morning? How do you know who to call?

Find The Right Person To Handle Your Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing problems can be real emergencies!

You may be faced with a toilet that is plugged and overflowing, a water heater that has stopped working, or you may have a sewer backup in your basement, requiring a plumber immediately, you will have to find someone right away to fix the problem and stop any damage, mainly if the situation involves raw sewage.

Problem You Face:

How can you get an expert plumber who will come over and take care of your emergency situation at any hour of the night, especially when you are desperate - someone who will rescue you from your problem?

The Answer:

You shouldn't wait until an emergency to find the answer! You should be prepared in advance before an emergency takes place.

What to do to find a plumber for an emergency - step one

First, look online or in a phone book to check out plumbing contractors and companies in your area. You can also ask neighbors, family members, and friends if they have any names of plumbers they would recommend. Once you have made your choice, you need to evaluate their level of expertise and find out if they can reach your house in half an hour or less during an emergency. You should choose a qualified professional who has several years of experience and certification, and who has been at the same location for a long time.

You should give top priority to those who provide emergency service around the clock.

Be sure they have insurance coverage in case anything breaks or is damaged in your home while they are working on your plumbing. Look for reviews of their work online and not just the reviews on their own website. Customers will often leave their opinions regarding the work the plumber has done. Remember to be somewhat skeptical of comments left by customers. Important: If you are really desperate for immediate help, tell the Peoria plumber your situation in detail to ensure they bring the correct tools with them to quickly fix the problem.

Be sure they have all the permits that are required.

Ask the plumber to provide you with references from some of the clients they have worked for in the past. This will improve your chances of finding a good plumber that offers good service to their customers. When you are faced with a plumbing emergency, you may not want to be bothered with checking on permits, but your local municipality can fine you if the proper permits for some types of work are not in place. A good, reliable plumbing company will have the proper paperwork that is required.

Be prepared and make a list of questions to explore when you make your call.

When you are faced with an emergency plumbing situation, you need to act immediately to have it repaired. For this reason, you should locate a properly qualified plumber long before you are faced with a problem. Once you have done your research and feel that you have some good candidates to choose from, make a list of plumbing contractors who fit the criteria and keep it handy. You will be glad you are prepared in case a plumbing emergency arises. It will also be easier to call a plumber in an emergency if you have spoken with them before.

Take action in advance with the plumbing in your home.

By having your plumbing checked regularly, you can help prevent emergencies. It is cheaper to pay for routine maintenance than to pay for emergency repairs to your plumbing system. A plumber who performs regular maintenance for you is more likely to come over in an emergency situation. If you follow the advice provided above, you will be able to find the ideal person to come immediately to help in an emergency plumbing situation.

Tips For Preventing Your Pipes From Freezing And Causing Leaks


Wrap your plumbing pipes in heat. Exterior piping is the most important. If there is cold temperature, water is not being used and your cold-water pipes come in contact with the exterior portion of your building, the pipes are highly likely to freeze. Water will not freeze in pipes if it is moving. Therefore, if you will be away from home for long, leave all the faucets open. The best option is insulating the entire space.


It is not hard to spot a plumbing fault. Many homeowners do not routinely check their pipes. Therefore, when a puddle of water suddenly appears in their basement and it damages their valuables, they have completely no idea what is going on. Inspect the visible pipes in your house. You might not know what to look out for when inspecting your pipes. Things to look out for include buckling drops of water and rust. These indicate that there is a problem somewhere.


A stuffed sink can cause a leak. Once in awhile, always inspect the space underneath your kitchen sink to see if there are any water drops.

Tip #4

Set back your spigot valve. In some circumstances, you might need to install a frost-free hose bib especially if your piping is passing through a cement foundation. With a hose bib, it will be possible to shut off water closer to the inside of your house. That will prevent freezing.

Tip #5

Radiators require an open valve and a good revel. You first need to check the pitch of your radiator. Make sure that it is always pitched back towards the steam source. A plumber will help you with that if you are not able to do it. That way, when there is water condensation, it can easily drain back to the boiler.

Tip #6

A leaky water heater is simply a dead water heater. The major problem is that when the lining wears out, the water will drip from the base. If a lot of water is dripping, you should call the manufacturer and provide the model number of your heater. You can be lucky to discover that it is still under warranty. When changing the heater, it is advisable to install a pan under it. A competent plumber will help you with many heater problems.

Tip #7

Do not blow a gasket. Instead, replace it. In most cases when water is dripping from the shower sprout, the problem is a defective seat within its body or a defective washer. As long as there are isolation valves that will isolate water to that shower, it will be a very easy fix. First, isolate the water to that shower. Secondly, disassemble the handles then remove them from the stem where the washer is. Finally, replace, reinstall, and check out how it works.

Tip #8

Trace the trap leak back to the wall. In most cases, the leak is usually on the backside, where it connects to the wall. In such a scenario, you will need to disassemble the drain work. It is even possible to do the tightening with your hands to see if the leaking will stop. If the leak does not stop, use a wrench to do the tightening. A plumber can assist you if you do not have the time.

Tip #9

O-rings and washers are more affordable than a new fixture. If the washer is worn and you squeeze it, you can still get a drip even thou it is defective. You need to remove what is defective, install a new washer, tighten it, place the handle back, and finally test it.

Tip #10

Mechanical faucets are susceptible to wear and tear. Therefore, they cannot last forever. No matter how superior your mechanical faucet is; it will one day start leaking. Some people prefer to retain the faucet that is already there despite its age. Other people prefer to install new faucets. A faucet can be very old and corroded to the point where it is hard to find spare parts. Many times, it is cheaper to install a new faucet.

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